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Shine Cleaning Solutions in Morgantown, WV provides bonded, licensed, and insured commercial cleaning services for a wide range of industries.

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Bonded Commercial Cleaners in Morgantown, WV

Serving Financial, Oil & Gas, Legal, and Corporate Industries

Shine Cleaning Solutions in Morgantown, WV provides bonded, licensed, and insured commercial cleaning services for a wide range of industries, including the financial, legal, medical, corporate, and oil & gas sectors. We go where others cannot. Our clients entrust us with handling their cleaning and sanitation needs in a professional manner. Each cleaning crew receives specialized training for the industry they serve.

We operate our own marked vehicle fleet, and each employee is issued Shine Cleaning Solutions uniforms for easy identification while on your premises. Our employees do not enter our customers’ facilities prior to passing a complete background check. For hassle and stress-free premium cleaning services, we invite you to join our extensive list of satisfied clients throughout Northeastern West Virginia and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Medical, Legal, and University Cleaning

Law & Accounting Offices

Your clients come to you for professional legal advice. Ensure that your office exceeds their expectations. Receive cleaning services with discretion at your law or accounting office today.

Medical, Surgical, and Rehab Facilities

When you need reliable cleaning and sanitation at your medical facility, we deliver. Our crews are fully trained regarding the regulations involved with cleaning your unique environment. Specialized biocides, disinfectants, and cleaners are used in all of our healthcare settings. 24/7 service is available to help avoid hindering on-site activities.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Shine Cleaning Solutions offers full-service cleaning for your educational institution. Let us help you attract more potential students and promote a great first impression. Our crews handle cleaning all areas of your offices, lobbies, classrooms, libraries, and much more.

Industrial, Engineering, and Oil & Gas Office Cleaning

Engineering Companies

For a fresh, inviting clean at your engineering facility, call us! Our crews are trained to work carefully, yet thoroughly, around the advanced equipment at your company.

Oil & Gas Industry

To achieve a pristine clean at oil & gas industry facilities, specialized equipment is required. Shine Cleaning Solutions has invested in powerful advanced cleaners and equipment designed to eliminate the petroleum products and hydro fracking chemicals that get tracked into your buildings. We provide your offices with the deep clean you deserve. 24/7 service is available to help avoid production disruptions.

Industrial Offices

If your industrial office requires a regular or deep cleaning, or a sanitizing service, call us. We clean all types of industrial offices, including high-security, manufacturing, and production facilities.

Car Dealership, Travel Agency, and Real Estate Office Cleaning

Car Dealerships

Your employees and customers are constantly going outside into the elements and coming back inside. This tracks in mud, oil, and other contaminants. You know that selling vehicles requires making an excellent impression. We will help keep your dealership looking and smelling as fresh as a new car!

Travel Agencies

Customers come into your office with visions of where they will spend their precious vacation or retirement time. Give them a comfortable, inviting environment and keep them coming back. Call Shine Cleaning Solutions for full-service cleaning at a great rate.

Real Estate Offices

Boost the confidence of your clients with a clean and welcoming office. With thoughts of home on their mind, you want to keep positive emotions high to drive home your bargain and make the sale. Let us keep your office fresh so you can focus on more important things.

Bonded Cleaning Service for Stores, Banking and Financial Institutions

Banks and Financial Institutions

Customers have traditionally equated the appearance of banks and financial institutions with their integrity and trustworthiness. This remains true today! Attract and retain customers with our bonded cleaning services.


No matter what you are selling, no one is going to want to buy a thing from you if your store looks questionable. Shopping is a pastime for many. Attract more customers and keep them in your store longer to increase sales with a fresh-smelling and clean environment.

Small Business, Corporation, and Government Facility Cleaning

Government Facilities

Shine Cleaning Solutions offers bonded professional cleaning for all government facilities. From local to state and federal operations, we handle all of your cleaning and sanitation needs with exceptional attention to detail and friendly customer service that you will welcome. All government services are available 24/7/365 to ensure that operations are unhindered.

Small to Medium Businesses

We know how busy you are growing your small or medium-sized business. If you noticed that some things (such as the cleanliness of your office and building) have been neglected in pursuit of your dreams, let us help! Our cleaning service is completely customizable and designed to be affordable for all our customers.

Large Corporations

No company or corporation is too big for Shine Cleaning Solutions. Our crews have been trained to execute cleaning tasks thoroughly and with maximum efficiency. You do not have to wait weeks for your entire facility to be cleaned. We have the manpower to clean it all weekly, nightly, or according to whatever schedule you prefer.

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